Tactile Tots classes are a perfect first group to attend with your new baby

Tactile Tots classes are a perfect first group to attend with your new baby

What people are saying about Tactile Tots

" Thank you for a very enjoyable infant massage course. It was a lovely, warm, supportive environment and it was really enjoyable learning new and interesting ways to interact with my baby. I also made a new friend!"~Katie

"The massage course was brilliant. Catherine made the classes wonderfully relaxing and was helpful and informative throughout. The number of people in the class was just right. From the course  I feel confident in massaging Oliver and both of us enjoy it very much" ~ Malika


 "I looked forward to the massage class each week. It was a small group so felt very personal and Catherine was accepting and warm in her approach which meant that if you or your baby needed a cry it was ok! I would highly recommend the massage course and am hoping that we will be able to go to some follow up classes in the future."~Caroline

"Such a great class, we had a brilliant time and really miss it. Doesn't matter how fussy your baby is on the day because you can try it all later. A lovely way to bond with your baby and chat to other Mums. Thank you again Catherine xx"~Sophie

I couldn't recommend more Catherine's baby massage class! Set in a fairly relaxed atmosphere it allows you to spend time bonding with your baby while learning a very useful and important skill that helps your baby's development and well-being. It is also an opportunity to meet other moms and chat about challenges and experiences. Catherine's instructions are very clear and easy to follow, plus there is a very handy booklet that allows you to practice massage at home. We are trying now to incorporate massage, which my baby girl loves,  into our daily routine and it helps her to relax and have a nice long night sleep! Xx  ~Nadia

"The Tactile Tots baby massage course was not only a wonderful opportunity to understand and learn different techniques for the whole body but also to meet other new mums. Catherine was an excellent teacher - patient, kind and calm and created a really lovely relaxed environment!" ~ Emma

"Thomas and I absolutely loved the baby massage course, felt a bit sad it was over! Wonderful to be able to learn some ways to help calm and relax my baby, thank you Catherine xx" ~ Sarah

"Thank you Catherine for teaching us baby massage, it was a really fun course and I learnt lots! Amelia enjoyed it too and is particularly enjoying her facial massages!!" ~ Emily

Boo & Mummy Review

Last week we were delighted to be invited along to attend the final week of the first Tactile Tots Baby Massage course run by Catherine.  Having attended a baby massage course with Boo when she was small, I knew how incredibly important attending a well run and organised course is for new parents.  Catherine's classes take place in a quiet, peaceful room in St Peters Catholic Church on Jewry St in the city centre. She has taken a thoughtful approach to the atmosphere of the space allowing a calm and considered feel to her class. The intimate and friendly nature of the group was felt as soon as they arrived and it took me right back to those early months with Boo this time last year.  As this was the final class, it was time to bring together everything they had learned on the 5 week course and complete the full body massage. After the rousing welcome song, they started with the feet and legs. Catherine had lots of rhymes and songs to help remember the different moves and the parents were really listening to their babies and understanding their different likes and dislikes.  Catherine consistently answered questions and reminded the class of the medical benefits of different areas of the massage and her knowledge and passion for her area of expertise shone through at every opportunity. Parents were encouraged and well supported when their baby cried or fussed and were given alterations to any moves that they found difficult or their babies were unsure of.  It was a wonderful class and I was reminded how important baby massage is for so many reasons. The positive interaction I witnessed between the participants was magical. Moments that were truly special and demonstrated the powerful bonding ability of massage, the oxytocin levels in the room were definitely sky high! Catherine has added a special touch to her classes by teaming up with Hannibal-White Photography. In the final session on her course, a photographer is present to help capture those moments on camera and preserve the wonderful moments so that they can be treasured forever. This is a truly unique opportunity and one which undoubtedly provides something wonderful for the parents to keep at the end of the course.  What struck me most about the session was the positive, supportive community feel that Catherine had created in her class. The bond between parent and baby was clear but the bond between new parents had also been embraced. It took me back to this time last year, when I was attending baby classes with Boo and reminded me of the importance of these moments.  It also reminded me why I started the Boo & Mummy page, how important it is in those early days to meet and talk with other new parents starting their journeys. To have a reason to get out of bed, get out of your pjs and have a place to go where you are't going to be judged and you are going to feel better just because your day had purpose. Where you could talk about the fact that you have had a terrible week, you have just had an irrational argument with a woman at the supermarket, you need more sleep and you have no idea if you are ever going to get it. Where you can just be you, and try and figure out how this new "mummy" version of you is going to function and fit within her new life.  Catherine's classes are absolutely wonderful and of huge benefit to new parents in so many ways. I highly recommend that you get in touch with her and book one of her upcoming classes at St Peter's Catholic Church."