Frequently Asked Questions

Tactile Tots baby massage classes welcome dads as well as mums.

Tactile Tots baby massage classes welcome dads as well as mums.

What age is infant massage suitable for?

Babies can be massaged from birth but as some are more easily over-stimulated than others so 6 weeks is often a good age to start. You know your baby best! We have had some 4 weeks olds attend with no problem at all.

Massage is something that can be continued as long as your child wants you too.

Can Dads attend the class?

Absolutely! Infant massage is a great way of enhancing bonding between fathers and their babies. The only thing we ask is one parent at a time massages their baby.

How long is a course?

The course is 5 weeks as recommended by the International Association of Infant Massage. This allows us to slowly build the massage so your baby gets used to the strokes and avoids over-stimulation.

What if my baby cries or is asleep?

Don't worry we expect babies to behave like babies, so there are no expectations. Its often helpful to think of this as a class for you to learn how to massage your baby and then to enjoy the skills you have learnt at home when your baby is in the right mood.

What do I need to bring?

Massage mats and oil are provided. All you need to bring in addition to the usual bag full of baby stuff is a snuggley towel or blanket for your baby to lie on. 

Just make sure it is washable as massage can sometimes be "stimulating"!

Can I have a class at home?

Yes! I offer one to one sessions or can teach groups of 4 or more at someone's home on Thursday mornings or Friday afternoons. 

Perfect for NCT groups.

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